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Web3 is the newest trend in the gaming world and it is trending for all the right reasons. Even if it was not trending, it has all the reasons and credentials to become the de facto gaming standard of the future.

If something has to become a norm in the future, that has to be a set of factors that fuel the adoption.

Let us look at the factors that will drive forward Web3 gaming.

Gaming assets as NFTs to increase longevity

The first and foremost factor that would drive the adoption of Web3 games is the fact that the game assets would have a longevity that is agnostic to the life of the game. Since gamins assets are presented as NFTs (which reside as tokens on the blockchain), the life of these assets is theoretically infinite. Therefore, any investment made in gaming is bound to last and probably grow in value with time.

The gaming assets not only include the main characters that play the game but even accessories like game skins, character accessories, power-ups, and other utilities.

Since NFT marketplaces are in vogue, these gaming assets could easily be sold on these marketplaces. The question of whether or not giving as it can be traded has become a quandary of the past.

Web3 gaming opens up opportunities for earning

As laughable as it may sound, you cannot deny the fact that playing games and earning money has created the most impossible confluence because of Web3. P2E gaming helps monetize the time and effort spent by users in playing games.

In the not-so-distant utopia, you can expect playing games to become a mainstream profession. it would not be surprising to see people put it up on their LinkedIn profile telling that they are into gaming as much as content creators on YouTube do today. 

Metaverse adoption will symbiotically catalyze Web3 gaming

The metaverse which was once considered the stuff of science fiction is now an undeniable reality and it has been adopted by a lot of brands, governing bodies, and even governments. The metaverse, as you may have known, is a digital universe where your unique identity is established by NFTs (something evasive and impossible in the erstwhile attempts to create digital universes).

A holistic metaverse setup will need to have even games in the equation just like how the real world has its own share of entertainment in sporting leagues and international tournaments. Such interactive games that gel well with the metaverse are only possible with Web3.

The growth of the community is a priority

Community and decentralization have always been the focal points of the Internet although we have seen the web falter majorly in its first two editions. However, with Web3, decentralization is undeniably established, thanks to the distributed digital ledger called the blockchain. The focus on the community not only in terms of participation but also in terms of suggestions being honored and rewarded has seen its pinnacle only because of Web3. With so many communities migrating from the earlier version of the web to the latest, it is inevitable that the gaming community starts its exodus as well… If it is not already happening!

To keep up with the new generation gaming crowd centered around the community, gaming does not have an option but to move from filming to Web3.

Closing words

The evolution of the web has always been congruent with the evolution of gaming. If the web has to move from Web 2.0 to Web3, it is inevitable that gaming also needs to make this move. The factors talked about in the above paragraphs, however, are bound to be accelerators or catalysts of this inevitable upgrade of Gaming experiences and investments!


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