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It’s an exciting milestone for us at We have successfully completed the Aptos AirDrop that has garnered over 3 million mentions on Twitter and has resulted in giving away $10,000 in Aptos tokens to our beloved community.

As you may have known, MCL, the flagship Web3 cricket game of runs on Aptos blockchain. Aptos was chosen as the most congenial blockchain for this immersive Web3 game because of the benefits like scalability, security, and efficiency. Partnering with the Aptos blockchain has been a game-changer, both literally and figuratively. We believe that with its credentials, Aptos is one of the most apt blockchains for a game like MCL, and we trust that we will have a lot of collaborations and synergies in the near future.

One of the latest additions to the long list of features that enhance the playability of the MCL game is the introduction of rental pass NFTs.

These rental passes will function as the primary avenue for the community members to rent their MCL NFTs. The introduction of renting into the gaming ecosystem ensures that people can play the game without having to take the burden of purchasing an NFT.

As you may have known, MCL already has some resounding records in the NFT gaming world. The game sold more than 55,000 NFTs in less than 10 minutes, making it one of the fastest NFT sales right at the time of the drop.

This airdrop was designed to incentivize people who participate in the social media contest on Twitter. The response was nothing short of overwhelming. We ended up getting more than 3 million mentions on Twitter, showcasing the brand value and participation interest.

As a token of gratitude to our community, we had decided to airdrop $10,000 worth Aptos tokens, and the community responded positively to this move. We can, in our gaming system, see how strong the MCL participation is after this event.

This is truly a milestone in the making of our history! We believe that the convergence of good gameplay and congenial technology will result in a grand success, as has happened in the case of, MCL, and Aptos.


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