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In an eventful move,, the flagship NFT marketplace of GuardianLink, has announced its partnership with Casper, a permissionless, decentralized blockchain network using a Proof-of-Stake (PoS) consensus algorithm and Web Assembly (WASM). will now mint the game passes of its new Web3 game Tornado Masters on Casper using its unique CEP-78 standard. The game passes will serve as the primary avenue to access the game, and are aimed at enhancing the gameplay and bringing a deeper level of immersion. is the largest NFT marketplace in Asia and has even scaled the formidable position of being the top NFT Marketplace in the world according to DappRadar. The platform, in addition to being a marketplace, also hosts a lot of games – the most major ones until now being the Meta Cricket League (MCL) and RADDX Racing Metaverse. Both the games have met with immense successes, and have brought in an absorbed and engaged community not only into the world of gaming but also into the Web3 ecosystem at large.

Casper, as an innovative blockchain platform, aims to catalyze the adoption of Web3 and blockchain technologies by offering developers a Web Assembly (WASM) code environment and open programming standards for its smart contracts.  Casper is among the most promising blockchains, thanks to its fully upgradable and secure modular network. These attributes make Casper one of the ideal chains to run engaging games on, which fits hand-in-glove with’s aspiration of making immersive games.

The Tornado Master game is a highly engaging and participative game with milestones for the user, giving enough possibilities to emulate real-world transactions, planning, and trading of digital assets right within the marketplace. The NFT passes minted on Casper enable these advantages and functions demand a chain with high capabilities – something that Casper CEP-78 more-than-adequately fulfills.

This collaboration between Casper and is expected to be the start of ongoing collaborations, and both teams have expressed their interest and hopes in building more games and applications in the future that will be engaging and beneficial to the enthusiastic community.


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