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Except for spreading the word about the game, the world of gaming and the Internet did not have a lot in common. At least this continued to be so for a long time. Remember how games used to be purchased in the early part of this millennium? People used to go to physical stores to purchase the game compact discs/DVDs or have them mailed physically to their home addresses.

The faster the Internet became and the more universal the demand for game access became, people, started to download games right from the Internet, and that too, with proof of originality and authenticity. This is also, parallel to the growth of games, promoting the interaction among community members discussing strategy, pain points, and even petty things.

While games were becoming more engaging and personal, they still lacked something that could make it even more personal and that could extend the life of the game or at least the gaming assets.

The best part about technology is that it keeps constantly growing… And the unwelcome part about technology is that it is always a step shot of what people want! This was precisely what happened with gaming. Until recently, there was no possibility for people to prolong the life of their gaming assets, especially after they build their characteristics after hours of grinding. The game and the assets were left at the mercy of the game development companies. While this might not be a big deal, the fact that people need to spend real money to buy powers and skins in the game makes it a bit of a concern.

Web3, the latest version of the web powered by the distributed and decentralized digital ledger called the blockchain, started to rise in prominence, and its impact has been felt across all fields. The field of gaming was not an exception. 

Throughout history, we have seen a lot of instances of the right things happening at the right time. The merger of gaming and Web3 can be considered one such event. This merger not only pounced upon the chance that the world of gaming had at that moment but also took care to overcome the hurdles that gaming was facing. To put it all in a nutshell, Web3 gaming has changed the perception of gaming forever!

How Has Web3 Changed Gaming?

◾Assets Beyond The Game

In the Web3 era, assets in the game are not in the complete proprietorship of the game development companies. They are presented as NFTs, and it opened up a plethora of opportunities. Gaming assets could now be traded on NFT marketplaces. Therefore, gaming assets were no longer expenses but rather investments. It was now possible for people to sell their assets on the marketplace, and the value of the asset only increased if they played enough games and increased the playing strength of the gaming asset.

While it might not be prominent yet, the introduction of the Web3 dimension into gaming ensures that the gaming assets could be used in more than one game and maybe even other games in the future. The lifetime of the gaming asset is theoretically infinite.

◾Uncompromising On Identity

In the Web3 space, since even people and personalities, in addition to gaming assets, can be presented as NFTs, the users could now carry a sense of pride as the best gamers. This meant that just like how the world of sports has its set of superheroes, the world of Web3 will also have its share of digital sports superstars.

This would also create a personal connection between the people who engage in the game and the game ecosystem. Since there are also possibilities of full-fledged game metaverses, it is quite possible that even social interactions can be fostered in this Web3 gaming space.

◾Earning Opportunities Opened Up

Except for gaming tournaments, never ever in the history of games have games been considered a serious profession capable of earning a steady revenue. However, thanks to the introduction of the concept of P2E in Web3 gaming, gaming can now be considered a serious profession where people can earn a livelihood it. It has been happening in countries like the Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, and Indonesia, and that have been instances of people earning about $500 in a day playing metaverse cricket.

It would not be an exaggeration to say that very soon, we will be looking at an era when Web3 gaming is considered a serious profession just like how content creation is considered today.

◾Web3 Gaming Will Become Holistic

Web3 is all about a completely sustained and dependable digital ecosystem… Made more complete by metaverse experiences and NFTs. Therefore, a person hanging out in the Web3 space is as good as a person being there available to observe what is in their surroundings. This opens up opportunities for brands to advertise and mark their presence in the metaverse. We have seen how sporting events have been a major source of advertising revenue in the real world. It would not be surprising to see even the digital world replicate what happens in the real world.

Closing Words

Web3 and gaming might have been the most uncanny convergence. However, what they have unraveled are nothing short of a revolution and a revelation. This is one of the classic examples of two things coming together at the perfect time. Thanks to the growing awareness about Web3, the evergreen engagement that the world of gaming promises, and the new lucrative avenue called P2E that has found a new mate in gaming, Web3 gaming will be the order of the future… And it is even more delightful to see that the future is already here!


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