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Gaming… We have seen this activity go from being just a means of entertainment and engagement to becoming a serious thing… So serious that people have started to look at gaming as a means of earning their livelihood. Perhaps, one of the greatest points of inflection to happen to the world of gaming was when it transcended from heavy desktop devices to the versatility of light handheld devices. Mobile gaming can be considered the biggest positive impact on games. People no longer needed to have extremely powerful computers but simple mobile devices.

Parallel to this, another dimension of gaming was slowly and majestically rising its hood. The inclusion of blockchain and its dimension into the world of gaming had created yet another new dimension for games that were, until then, never thought of… Leave alone heard of!

Both these new dimensions of gaming had the potential to transform the world of gaming, take it to the masses, break all the barriers, bring in an intensity of inclusiveness never seen before, and above everything, make gaming into a more serious profession that would earn people that bread and butter.

Let us look at how mobile games and crypto games have stood hand-in-hand to expand the reach and possibilities of gaming.

Borders Being Broken

Let us admit it! At this point in time, a powerful mobile device that is capable of supporting an intense game is far more affordable than a computer that has relatively similar specifications. Purchasing a gaming computer has its own share of hassles including but not limited to the cooling system, input devices that give haptic feedback, and sounds that create an immersive experience.

While mobiles are not absolutely immune to such expectations, they can still support games and have the hardware power it takes to help people play them without any hiccups or hassle. The influence of mobiles in the world of gaming has become so intense that game manufacturers have started to create games that are compatible with devices that fall into the mainstream spectrum of affordability.

Similarly, since cryptocurrency is borderless and does not have any authority to control them, people have been enthusiastically engaging in games that give them cryptocurrency or rewards. These games might not be as engaging but they definitely pack a thrill that comes with strategy, collecting gaming assets, improving the playing power of your assets, and a lot more.

Earning Potential Being Brought Up

Gaming was, until recently, considered to be an avenue where people just spend time and money. A lot of psychologists would agree that money is probably the biggest motivating factor. To ensure that a lot of people are engaged with the game, mobile game development companies are required to somehow incentivize the users into playing the game. People not only started to spend their time playing the game, getting native game coins, and spending them within the game but also started to spend their own money in buying Assets that would enhance their gameplay capabilities.

The introduction of crypto and blockchain into the equation retained the concept of rewards but only made them more lucrative because they were presented as NFTs. As you may have known, theoretically, NFTs do not have anything to confine their life, and they can be sold on marketplaces for a good profit. This fusion now meant that the money you spent buying gaming assets was no longer an expense but rather an investment.

Bringing in mobile gaming and crypto gaming, combining it with some inherent properties of the blockchain and NFTs opened up a bottle to a new dimension of gaming called P2E gaming. With P2E, earning from the game was now inherent to the game itself. We have seen how the economy of certain countries like the Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam improved only because of playing games and earning from them. This might not have been possible had not mobile gaming and crypto gaming converged.

Community Ownership

Although there might be a certain degree of monopoly when it comes to mobile games, it will not be an exaggeration to say that crypto games are completely owned by the community. Mobile games also experience a considerable extent of influence in their crucial business decisions, although not directly from the community.

This is ultimately how games are expected to be. The profit and the future course of the game will not be owned by big corporations and development companies but rather by the community itself.

Closing Words

Some converging points are bound to bring delight to the present and the future, and to all the parties involved. The confluence of crypto, gaming, and mobiles is expected to be one such trying to read that will radically alter the landscape of gaming, engagement, and earning!


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