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Right from Stone Age paintings to modern sketches on iPad applications, the human brain has always sought to expand on its imagination and enter into a virtual world of fantasy design after its cravings and desires. This is probably one of the driving forces behind the growth, proliferation, and patronage of art. 

Parallel to art, science has also been growing, shattering the differences between what humans thought was impossible and what humans made possible. Science has grown in line with the popular quip “today’s imagination is tomorrow’s reality!“. There has always been an undeniable symbiotic relationship between art and science. Science has contributed to the growth of art in terms of better facilitation of art creation technology, better exposure to global schools of thought, and above everything, raising the levels of imagination because something has already become a reality, thanks to scientific developments.

Many fields could be considered a fine melange of art and science… And gaming is one of them. Gaming brings together the imagination of creating a gripping and immersive story, using the elements of technology to make it into an interactive experience. 

Gaming has come a long way from being confined to monotonous activities. It is now a conglomeration of multiple aspects pointing at almost parallel life in a digital space. In the game, the gamer takes the role of a certain character in the virtual world, progresses through the digital universe, and attains a goal.

Come to think of it, today, it sounds quite similar to what a metaverse would promise. A metaverse, in essence, is a virtual digital universe where you are capable of a completely digital existence. The only difference between the erstwhile concepts and what is in practice today is that your “digital identity” is undeniable and unique in this metaverse. This has been made possible by the introduction of nonfungible tokens, also known as NFTs. 

This calls us to contemplate the relationship between the metaverse and the world of games, and the possibilities that they open up in this new era of Web3 gaming

Gaming Will Become More Immersive In The Metaverse

If a virtual world without an individual existence of a gamer can be so interesting, intriguing, and immersive, just imagine how awesome the world of gaming would be if you were to have your own unique identity in the digital world?! This is precisely what the metaverse is capable of. In the gaming metaverse, you can establish an identity of your own, and with the infinite possibilities, own virtual real estate, trade them, rent them out, or invest even within the ecosystem to purchase things outside the ecosystem! This makes the prospect of giving more interesting and lucrative, opening up opportunities for more people to participate and earn from the metaverse.

Gaming Metaverses Will Be Holistic, Especially For Brands

It is almost impossible for any sports fan to visualize their team or a favorite player without the sponsoring brand being associated with them. Such is the resonance between games and brands. Sadly, in the digital world, until now, such collaboration was not possible. However, in the metaverse, the possibilities open up for brands to establish a virtual presence. No… We’re not just talking about holdings on the flanking meadows of race tracks or LED brand boards on the borders and boundaries of grounds. We are talking about a larger extension… Which includes but is not limited to a person purchasing special tickets to view the game from a vantage point sponsored by a specific brand, the possibility to buy virtual attire which only the people who purchased can wear to show their support for their favorite team, investing in brand advertising efforts, so the person who invests can get a return on investment… And all this is just the tip of the iceberg. The collaboration between gaming, metaverse, and brands opens up a plethora of opportunities for everyone to explore and benefit from.

Gaming Metaverses Be Thriving Arenas Of Digital Sporting 

Just imagine how it would be to have two of your favorite football teams clash at Wembley… Or two of your favorite cricket teams clash at the Lord’s! How cool would it be if you could experience the thrill and joy of such an event from the comfort of your home but without missing out on the fine elements of experience which include but are not limited to having a fellow fan as your digital neighbor, hearing the roar of all the fans sitting around the stadium watching the match live in virtual reality, and possibly meeting your favorite sports personality after the match?! This is what metaverse gaming is capable of.

It has been extrapolated that esports will be a multi-billion dollar industry in the next few years, and metaverse gaming is expected to contribute a major chunk to this growth. While the basic technology powering virtual gaming (like high-performance computers, Internet, and experience hardware) has always been available, it takes something like a metaverse and a revolution like Web3 to take the gaming experience completely into the digital space without compromising on the joy and thrill of the real experience!

Closing Words

Whether gaming will contribute to the metaverse or metaverse will contribute to gaming remains a billion-dollar question that only time will answer. However, if there is one thing that stands out in this quandary of uncertainty, it has to be the fact that gaming and the metaverse cannot afford to be separated anymore… And this convergence is bound to be a massive bout of bliss for both gamers and sports fans alike!


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