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A lot of people have realized the potential and value of NFTs. However, there are still some people who say “I have a screenshot! Why do I need the NFT?” It is for these people that NFT gamification has been introduced.

What Is Gamification?!

Garnishing a rather static and boring entity with an element of engaging and entertaining utility… Like a game would have… Is called gamification. 

This has come in as a big bliss for a lot of NFTs.

Why Do NFTs Need To Be Gamified? 

Let us all admit the fact – NFTs aren’t longer about PFPs, however rare they may be. It cannot be denied that some people purely focus on flipping NFTs, counting on the increase in their values. However, a major chunk of the NFT-consuming crowd wants to have utility to the NFTs they possess. 

Gamifying NFTs gives the so-called static NFTs a utility in the game. It’s the process by which simple NFTs become powerful gaming assets. 

How Has It Worked So Far? 

Maybe NFTs skyrocketed in their fame because of profile pictures of primates and pixelated images of aliens. However, one of the biggest factors driving NFT sales today is their utility. While we cannot completely ignore the fact that people have made millions from just flipping profile picture NFTs, it should also be noted that even some of the most celebrated NFT projects have now taken to giving utility.

NFTs have always been regarded as integral elements catalyzing the creator economy. NFTs have not, in any way, interrupted the default flow of creators selling their creations. However, it would not be an exaggeration to say that your art projects have hit a little speed bump in their adoption… Just because gamification is in vogue!

This speed bump can, however, be turned into an advantageous boost if creators can understand the art and science of NFT gamification.

There are different ways in which creators can capitalize on NFT gamification.

Here Are A Few Options That Creators And Artists Can:

  • Make your creation into a gaming asset

Come to think of it, every asset in digital games was, at some point in time, nothing more than a piece of art. It could go right from simple 8-bit characters like Donkey Kong to intricate ones that demand some good muscle from your computer’s graphic card. Therefore, if planned properly, creators can turn their creations into game characters.

Is it not usual for art pieces to become cartoon characters… And cartoon characters become movies… And movie characters to become game characters? We are not reinventing the wheel but only bringing in the NFT dimension into a practice that has always been existing.

  • Using your creations as game auxiliaries

The game is not just about the core characters and the story. There are a lot of auxiliary game elements. Let us take a simple example. If we were to consider a racing game, it is not just about cars and tracks but also about the billboards that you see in the background. Some game characters could be wearing a pendant that has one of the artworks of creators as an accessory.

Some creations can be featured as these auxiliary elements that serve as embellishments that enhance the experience of gameplay.

This dimension is not limited to just visual art but it can be extrapolated into audio art as well. Most games have a soundtrack that runs in the background, and if NFTs are used, that can even be a possibility for users to customize the soundtrack that will play in the background when they play the game subject to the NFT ownership/rental properties. 

  • Using your creations as skins

It might not be possible to customize all the visual attributes of a game character… And this is the precise reason why skins were introduced.

Gaming character skins give the gamer the element of excitement that lives in visually distinguishing their character. It could be something as simple as a headband worn by a vigilante warrior or the decals of your muscle car participating in a racing game.

All these elements, at the end of the day, are also pieces of art. Therefore, creators can utilize the space and bring utility to their NFTs.

Closing Words

NFTs, as we have said before, it’s an integral element of the creator economy, and they will continue to be sold. Bringing utility and gamification into the equation will only expand the horizons of possibilities for creators.

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