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Metaverse… The term has transcended right from science fiction into reality… And it has also become prominent in the recent past. The metaverse opens up possibilities of an uncompromisingly unique virtual existence that might not have been possible until recently.

The uniqueness promised by the metaverse has to be attributed to the Incorporation of non-fungible tokens or NFTs as they are commonly abbreviated. 

Metaverses have become highly immersive digital experiences, so much so that a lot of brands and even traditionally strong brands like Louis Vuitton and Chanel have started to create their own metaverses. Metaverse gives the convergence of the exclusivity of the traditional and the versatility of the digital.

Anything said, metaverses have, until now, stayed a little averse to mass adoption. They have been viewed as digital channels mostly by the elite and they have been mostly used by people to interact with brands. There have also been instances of metaverse concerts and even an instance of a metaverse wedding. However, metaverses are still awaiting the silver bullet that would transform its perception and spike up its adoption.

Making an inference from recent happenings, it is quite evident that gaming has the credentials it takes to catalyze the adoption of the metaverse. Let us explore below, the reasons why gaming could be the best bet for enhancing the magnitude of adoption.

Gaming Has No Barriers

No… We are not just talking about geographic or political barriers but also economic barriers. Unlike big brands and performers who only have a certain finite set of fans, games have a universal scope and they present an engagement platform to people belonging to all the strata of society.

This would mean that gaming would aid in a mass penetration of the metaverse which might not have been possible until now.

Gaming Is Engaging

While visiting a brand metaverse or a metaverse concert might be engaging for some time, it has a very limited scope of engagement in temporal terms. People might, at the maximum, spend a few hours and not anything more.

However, when it comes to gaming, it is quite possible that people spend not just hours but even days together playing the game. Therefore, gaming might help in a sustained adoption of the metaverse… Something that other channels cannot boast of.

Gaming Brings Diversity

It would not be an exaggeration to say that NFTs are the epicenter of the metaverse. NFTs presents so many possibilities and it might not be a great idea to have a metaverse that does not constructively exploit all these possibilities and features.

Sadly, in the other channels using the metaverse, the scope is quite limited. On the contrary, the scope of gaming is almost infinite. It is not just the game characters but even accessories and skins that can make the metaverse experience unique.

Gaming Is Interactive

Unlike other metaverse experiences that are just about roaming around the virtual world, gaming brings about a reason for people to interact. This interactive nature is not just limited to the digital space but also the real world. You are bound to bring your friend into gaming more than you are likely to bring your friend into the brand metaverse. 

Closing Words

The world of gaming has always been a metaverse. It might not have been so in the most complete sense as we know it today. However, even if you think about the eight-bit computer games of the 1980s, they still had their own unique characters, powers, skins, and a considerable degree of customizability as well.

With so much available in the digital space to distinguish yourself through unique elements both virtual and functional, the gaming world has all the credentials it takes to make up a metaverse. Thanks to the already existing popularity of games, they could be the Prometheus that the metaverse needs to bring it down to be available to everyone!

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