Signature Styles

Equip your players with stylish, motion-captured signature shots from all your favorite real-world cricketers.

Better Performance

Improves the base stats of your MCL Batters specifically for that shot.

Pitch Adaptiveness

Improves performance based on pitch type (Green, Dry, and Normal).

Improved Handling

Batters can now handle more variations in line and length, tackling bowlers much more effectively. You’ll still need good timing.

How to Use MCL Signature Shots?

Every Signature Shot gets triggered situationally based on the line of the ball, type of the ball, and batting shot direction


Holders of the MCL Signature Shot get to SPIN-THE-WHEEL filled with rewards worth $6000 (₹5,00,000). Own the MCL Signature Shot on pre-book and successful allocation or by purchasing directly on the drop!


This contest is open to everyone who bought the MCL Signature Shot NFT as part of PRE-BOOK allotment or DROP DAY purchase.



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